About LexBib

LexBib is a digital bibliography project for the domain of Lexicography and Dictionary Research, initiated at University of Hildesheim and now supported by the ELEXIS project.

LexBib components are:

  • LexBib bibliographical metadata, available at Zotero, and full text collection. Constantly updated. See collection status here.
  • LexVoc Vocabulary of Lexicographical Terms, a SKOS vocabulary for classification of metalexicographical articles.
  • LexBib RDF: bibliographical items, authors, events, and places relevant in Lexicography, brought together as Linked Data.

LexBib data can be conveniently explored through the Elexifinder portal on Elexis website.

Visit LexBib at ResearchGate, or see our publications and presentations:

  • Lindemann, David, Fritz Kliche, and Ulrich Heid. ‘LexBib: A Corpus and Bibliography of Metalexicographical Publications’. Proceedings of EURALEX 2018, 2018, pp. 699–712.
  • Lindemann, David, Fritz Kliche, and Kristin Kutzner. ‘Lexikographie: Explizite und implizite Verortung in den Digital Humanities’. DHd 2018 – Kritik der Digitalen Vernunft, Konferenzabstracts, edited by Georg Vogeler, Universität zu Köln, 2018, pp. 257–61.
  • Lindemann, David, Christiane Klaes, et al. ‘Metalexicography as Knowledge Graph’. OASICS, edited by Maria Eskevich et al., vol. 70, 2019.
  • Lindemann, David. The LexBib Project. Presentation Video, Elexis Observer Event, Wien, 2019.
  • LexBib Presentation, DARIAH Annual Event, Nov. 25, 2020: Bibliodata Workshop
  • LexBib Presentation, DARIAH Annual Event, Nov. 4, 2020: Lightning Speech

For any comment, request or contribution, please write to team@lexbib.org.

This project has received funding from the University of Hildesheim,
and from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and
innovation programme under grant agreement No 731015.