Review articles: Fix title and full text cache

This is a quick tutorial for student assistants with the task of fixing Zotero items for REVIEW ARTICLES as found in journals like IJL and Lexicographica. This involves downloading, editing, and uploading of Zotero full text attachment files.

Previous step: You need to have set up the Zotero standalone app, and a user account at Zotero, and have requested membership in LexBib Zotero group. Information about how to get to this point is found here.

For this task, you need:

  • A text editor of your choice (on windows, don’t use microsoft “notepad”, install “notepad++” instead, a free and very good editor)
  • A good PDF reader, preferably something faster than Acrobat Reader, e.g. “evince“.
  • If you work on a laptop, better use a mouse instead of touchpad or touchscreen, since drag-and-drop actions in Zotero are critical, and unwanted drag-and-dropping can cause severe problems.

Two things have to be fixed:

  • In case the review’s title is generic (like “Review” or “Book Review”), the title of the reviewed book has to become the title of the review article.
  • In case the review does not start on top of its starting page, and/or does not end at the bottom of its ending page, the text that does not belong to it has to be deleted from the full text TXT version. That “cleaned” TXT has to be attached then to the Zotero item.

See how to do it in this video: