Getting started with Zotero

This is a quick tutorial for student assistants about how to set up collaboration on LexBib-Elexifinder bibliographical database, via the Zotero application.

Zotero is a personal library and citations manager with a lot of features, very useful for all academics. If you are interested, find information and video tutorials about what Zotero can be used for, on or Youtube. What you need to know for your tasks is explained in the following.

LexBib group’s Zotero web library is here: This library will be synchronized to your local Zotero application, so that you can change content, and synchronize again with the web version.

First: Download and install Zotero. It usually works out of the box. It needs JAVA. The browser connector that is also offered on the download site is not needed for these tasks, but you can install it if you want.

Second: Register for a Zotero user account. Please use your full name, not a nickname, and chose a username in a way we can recognize you (something close to your real name).

Third: Apply for Zotero LexBib group membership, using the “JOIN” button on LexBib group page. You will have to wait until your request is accepted by the group admininstrators. Please send an email to “team [AT]”, explaining shortly who you are, so that we know that the application is yours, and give you the permission to edit content.

Fourth: Start Zotero, and set preferences according to our recommendations in this short video. As soon as your group application gets accepted, you get synchronized to the Zotero web library, by pressing the “synchronize” button in the top right corner (explained also in the video).

“Getting started” tutorial video.

Now you should be ready for checking the tutorial specific for your task.